Everyday Life.

My Interview with Lauren Daigle!

Well, Happy Sunday, babies! Who had an amazing weekend? (Let's just ignore the bama game....) There was no way I was missing the chance to put the highlight of my writing career on the blog that's for sure. I got to interview Lauren Daigle this weekend at the game!!! I can't get over how amazing… Continue reading My Interview with Lauren Daigle!


New York City Travel Diary.

This blog is going to be a long one so grab your snacks and put your phone on Do Not Disturb, because we are about to relive my whole trip to New York. I honestly can't put into words how perfect the whole trip was. I've been in love with New York for as long… Continue reading New York City Travel Diary.


New year, New hair, New me?!

So in honor of tomorrow being my second to last first day of undergrad EVER (!!!!!!), I got my hair redone!!!! Getting my hair done before each semester always makes me feel refreshed and ready for a new start. Which is so healthy to do when being in college. Things get so crazy that it's… Continue reading New year, New hair, New me?!