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Things To Do While Quarantined.

Im back! Here is a little COVID-19 update and some things to do while stuck in the house! ❤️

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The SEC Championship.

Happy Sunday! I am relaxing to the max today after a mega long (but insanely fun) day spent at the SEC Championship yesterday! We got to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium around noon and tailgated until the game started at 4. When I tell you there was so much purple & gold in downtown Atlanta... I've never… Continue reading The SEC Championship.

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Best Deals to Shop for Cyber Monday.

Happy Cyber Monday! I somehow managed to get food poisoning and I'm pretty sure the flu all over the weekend so thank goodness I can do all my shopping online for Cyber Monday. I don't think I could physically step out the house. Thanksgiving break is officially over, and school starts back tomorrow. Luckily only… Continue reading Best Deals to Shop for Cyber Monday.

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Let’s Go Shopping: Black Friday Deals!

Happy Black Friday! How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Ours was A FULL DAY (and a full stomach)! We cooked all morning long, then went straight to the Saints game at the Stadium in Atlanta. Let's just say I have never been to a game where we WEREN'T the majority fan base. I'm so used to LSU… Continue reading Let’s Go Shopping: Black Friday Deals!


Our Upcoming NYC Trip.

Happiest of Mondays babies and goodmoring! As you can see from the title, New York State of Mind is getting a sequel!!! (Have you read it?) Go now and come back! I got home Thursday night to the best surprise in the entire world from my fiancé. Our anniversary is December 22nd and we will… Continue reading Our Upcoming NYC Trip.


Our Wedding Prep Has Begun.

Goodmorning! Happy Tuesday 🙂 Tuesdays are the start of my week since Austin and I have Mondays off work together (which definitely makes me a lover of Mondays). It's always the day we either run around constantly doing errands or relax on the couch all day. Yesterday was definitely a running around doing errands Monday… Continue reading Our Wedding Prep Has Begun.

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Read. Write. Edit. Repeat.

So, today was my first day at my new job with Houstonia Magazine and I don't think it could be more perfect. Let's just jump right into it! (Click the link to visit their website) Or here is a link to their Instagram! First: If you'd like to Subscribe to the magazine and receive it monthly… Continue reading Read. Write. Edit. Repeat.


Houston Travel Diary.

We did it. We made it to 2019. How does it feel? Have any plans? Any goals? So, 2018 was single-handedly the best year of my life. I'm not sure how I'll top everything I did, but I've got a few ideas that you will all watch unfold gradually. Make this year epic. If you're… Continue reading Houston Travel Diary.

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And I Hope One Day..

And I hope one day you become the version of yourself that you always dream about. You find yourself. You learn to love yourself. When you are alone and the world is silent, what do you think about? One day you will find exactly what you are searching for. Your purpose. Your path. One day you… Continue reading And I Hope One Day..

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Goodbye Baton Rouge, Hello Houston.

Gosh, where do I even begin? I've been holding in all this information to share with you guys at the right momemt. I've typed up the draft over and over again. So, here it goes.... I will be moving to Houston in December to begin the next chapter of my life. WOW. That feels so… Continue reading Goodbye Baton Rouge, Hello Houston.

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What Consumes You?

Emotions are the core of what make us truly human. Every time we feel something, whether it's deeply or for a brief moment, we are reminded that we are living. We are reminded that we are still breathing. Grief. Depression. Anxiety. Happiness. Love. Anger. Envy. Fear. We feel things every second of every single day.… Continue reading What Consumes You?

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My Interview with Lauren Daigle!

Well, Happy Sunday, babies! Who had an amazing weekend? (Let's just ignore the bama game....) There was no way I was missing the chance to put the highlight of my writing career on the blog that's for sure. I got to interview Lauren Daigle this weekend at the game!!! I can't get over how amazing… Continue reading My Interview with Lauren Daigle!


New York City Travel Diary.

This blog is going to be a long one so grab your snacks and put your phone on Do Not Disturb, because we are about to relive my whole trip to New York. I honestly can't put into words how perfect the whole trip was. I've been in love with New York for as long… Continue reading New York City Travel Diary.


New year, New hair, New me?!

So in honor of tomorrow being my second to last first day of undergrad EVER (!!!!!!), I got my hair redone!!!! Getting my hair done before each semester always makes me feel refreshed and ready for a new start. Which is so healthy to do when being in college. Things get so crazy that it's… Continue reading New year, New hair, New me?!