Quitting My Part-Time Job to Pursue Freelancing.

Goodmorning WordPress. I would like to point out first that the cafe I'm in is playing Love Like Woe by The Ready Set and I love it. I'm currently drinking coffee and eating tofu scramble-- patiently waiting on class to start. I drove to GSU from Warner Robins this morning so typical Tuesday. I've spent the… Continue reading Quitting My Part-Time Job to Pursue Freelancing.

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My Interview with VoyageHouston.

Hi babies-- it's me. So much has happened so a blog highlighting it all is definitely called for. From seeing my favorite band, publishing another article, and my interview with VoyageHouston going live I just.... WOW!!!! Life is going 90 to nothing right now. Let's talk about Article #2 with Houstonia Magazine first!!! I did… Continue reading My Interview with VoyageHouston.

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Goodbye Baton Rouge, Hello Houston.

Gosh, where do I even begin? I've been holding in all this information to share with you guys at the right momemt. I've typed up the draft over and over again. So, here it goes.... I will be moving to Houston in December to begin the next chapter of my life. WOW. That feels so… Continue reading Goodbye Baton Rouge, Hello Houston.