Fitness Instagram!

So, I've been up to many things lately and one of them is creating and maintaining my fitness instagram! CLICK HERE to follow and see it ❤ Personal Training, strength training, and an overall healthy lifestyle have become so important to me. Make sure and follow along for tons of workouts, ED Recovery updates, and… Continue reading Fitness Instagram!


Life Update.

If you're wondering where I've been, let me just say I've taken on quite a few extra jobs that I'm completely in love with. Instructor of English-- WOW, I've been working towards this dream for... goodness.. 6 years now? I am finally teaching my very own English 1101 class at Georgia State University (virtually of… Continue reading Life Update.

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Our Travel Guide to Spending Your Anniversary in New York.

Here is the perfect travel guide for spending your anniversary in the city that never sleeps! We had such a beautiful time here for the holidays. Make sure and check out these fun spots and let me know if you have any fav spots too. Merry Christmas, you guys!


Our Wedding Prep Has Begun.

Goodmorning! Happy Tuesday 🙂 Tuesdays are the start of my week since Austin and I have Mondays off work together (which definitely makes me a lover of Mondays). It's always the day we either run around constantly doing errands or relax on the couch all day. Yesterday was definitely a running around doing errands Monday… Continue reading Our Wedding Prep Has Begun.