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Festival Fashion Lookbook.

Shop all my festival looks in one place! We hit so many festivals last year, so take a look at my outfits. Click the link to be directed to my amazon storefront 🙂 Buy the same for your next fest!

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Moonrise Festival // Baltimore Travel Diary.

Austin and I went to Baltimore, Maryland back in August and I never did a Travel Diary for it! We flew all the way there for Moonrise Festival and had a day to explore the city before we raged at the festival! Make sure you go during August so you can experience Moonrise. It has… Continue reading Moonrise Festival // Baltimore Travel Diary.


The Perfect Ending To Festival Season- EDCO

Happy Wednesday! ❤ Austin and I took a vacay this past weekend to attend our last festival of 2019! EDC ORLANDO was an absolute dream.. It's honestly so freaking cool to be engaged to a man who loves going to festivals just as much as I do. I can see us being like 80 years… Continue reading The Perfect Ending To Festival Season- EDCO

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Atlanta Travel Diary // Shaky Beats Festival.

It's been 2 very long months since I've posted and uh all I can say is I MOVED TO ATLANTA! i know, big surprises. I'm gonna skip over all the "recapping" of the past two months and just say that it's been crazy. Absolutely crazy. I really moved again, lol. I'm starting my Master's at… Continue reading Atlanta Travel Diary // Shaky Beats Festival.