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Festival Fashion Lookbook.

Shop all my festival looks in one place! We hit so many festivals last year, so take a look at my outfits. Click the link to be directed to my amazon storefront 🙂 Buy the same for your next fest!


My 6 Favorite Outfits of the Summer.

So, I thought it'd be super awesome if I did a whole blog post about all the clothes I've been wearing recently. Everyone seems to be loving them so I thought I'd help you gals out and link everything right here in one place!!! ❤ I hope it helps!!! Outfit 1: Pants: Size XS- click… Continue reading My 6 Favorite Outfits of the Summer.


New year, New hair, New me?!

So in honor of tomorrow being my second to last first day of undergrad EVER (!!!!!!), I got my hair redone!!!! Getting my hair done before each semester always makes me feel refreshed and ready for a new start. Which is so healthy to do when being in college. Things get so crazy that it's… Continue reading New year, New hair, New me?!