Life Update.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, let me just say I’ve taken on quite a few extra jobs that I’m completely in love with.

  • Instructor of English– WOW, I’ve been working towards this dream for… goodness.. 6 years now? I am finally teaching my very own English 1101 class at Georgia State University (virtually of course), but an Englsih Instructor nonetheless!
  • Personal Trainer– I was hired on by my gym as a personal trainer a few months ago before school started back and it has really just become such a passion of mine. I’ve always had a love for health and fitness since I began my EDrecovery, and helping other people reach their goals, especially throughout personal training is just SO FUN! I am almost finished with my final exam, and I will receive my official certificate.
  • Dog Mama– We adopted a sweet pup! Her name is Piper and she is so so perfect. The sweetest baby Pitbull mix, and not to mention so beautiful! ❤
  • Final Year of Graduate School– I am less than one year away from receiving my MA degree… and let me tell you this pandemic has not slowed me down. Have I looked at my thesis recently? Well, no, BUT I will have it done, I promise haha!!

On top of all of this, I have been decorating for Halloween very religiously. Favorite time of the year, even though I appear to celebrate it year round.

Long story short: still vegan, still working my ass off, still loving what I do, and loving all of you along with it.

Haven’t decided how I’ll encorporate all of my new life changes into my blog-o-sphere, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.


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