Recipe: Vegan Cheese Burger & Baked Asparagus

This dinner is packed with protein! Also, this meat can be seasoned and grilled like regular meat! It’s my favorite meat substitute for burgers and it’s packed with protein. Aspargus is a great green veggie for any diet ❤

Things You’ll Need:

  • Beyond Beef Plant Based Ground (so much protein!!!)
  • Onion Bun
  • Daiya American Cheese Slice
  • Asparagus

Season beyond meat to desire and throw on the grill! This meat has beat juice in it, so you’ll see what looks like blood BUT IT ISN’T, haha! I normally do 10 minutes on each side. Grill set at 400 degrees. Melt cheese ontop– Do all of this while your asparagus is in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Don’t forget to soak your asparagus before baking to soften it up.

Here’s the meat for reference:


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