Vegan Recipe: Gameday Nachos.

It’s a big weekend for Football, so try these Vegan Gameday Nachos for dinner while you watch the games! *Most of this is on sale NOW with your Kroger card! Just upload the coupon from the website to your card, and use your Kroger ID when checking out!*

Serving Size: varies on how much you love nachos! (but average 2-3 people)


All you need is:

These are super easy to prepare and can be done in little to no time at all! First, open up your Simple Truth Organic Black Beans and Kroger Diced Tomatoes with Jalapenos  and put each in their own pot on the stove top, medium heat, and stirring occassionally. While these are being prepared, open your bag of Gardein Beefless Ground and place desired amount into a container that than can be placed in the microwave (I used half a bag in the picture above!). I always like to cover mine partially with a lid, and put about half a cup of water inside with the meat, to keep it moist. After this is done, take out the packets of Daiya Zesty Cheddar Style Deluxe Cheeze Sauce and put desired amount into a bowl (I used 2 for 2 people!) than place in the microwave until it’s melted to your liking. Your beans and tomatoes should be done by now, which means YOU’RE FINISHED! ❤ Put all your ingredients ontop of your Simple Truth Organic Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips and make sure to add your choice of Salsa and Dressing! Now you’ve got the perfect gameday meal!


xx. ❤

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