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Moonrise Festival // Baltimore Travel Diary.

Austin and I went to Baltimore, Maryland back in August and I never did a Travel Diary for it! We flew all the way there for Moonrise Festival and had a day to explore the city before we raged at the festival! Make sure you go during August so you can experience Moonrise. It has definitely been my favorite festival so far (and we’ve gone to a lot). We went to a few bars and explored the Inner Harbor. It was beautiful weather too! I was surprised given the time of year.

Inner Harbor

This was the cutest place to site see and it was a nice scooter ride away from our Airbnb. It’s home to the Science Center and Aquarium lined with water and the cutest historical buildings. We explored all day and tried various different restaurants. We didn’t get a chance to go by it, but Edgar Allen Poe’s grave is a short walk from the Inner Harbor. Gosh I wish we would’ve seen it! You could spend all day here and not run out of things to see, to be honest.

Thames Street Oyster House:

This was the cutest bar we could’ve possibly found. It’s delicious and very popular, so expect a decent wait time. If you can power through, you won’t regret it. We met so many nice people there and they even bought us rounds of drinks (thank goodness Austin’s an Astros fan). The cocktails were delicious and the beer list was up to par with Austin’s standards. After we got done eating we walked right out the front doors to see fireworks by the harbor. It was so fun.

We ate at this other place that was right on the water, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name and it’s nowhere to be found on the map. Hopefully it comes to me and I can add it.

Here’s a lookbook of the whole trip!

Here was the 2019 Lineup for Moonrise Festival to give you an idea of who we saw and jammed out to. Moonrise was such an awesome experience. It was our first festival together and the start of a beautiful little rave adventure. The race course, Plimco, was awesome and there was so much space considering how many people were there. It did get super hot, but plenty of shade is offered (thank god, because ya girl is allergic to the sun).


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