5 Ways to Survive Finals: Grad Student Edition.

Self care is important, you guys! This means during Finals Week, as well!

It’s officially Finals Week again for us college students. I can without a doubt say I did not miss this during my semester off in the Spring, but I always feel accomplished during school time. Anyone else?

The one thing I’ve noticed about Graduate School that differs from Undergraduate study is the flexibility in classes when it comes to finals and work in general. I love being able to focus (more or less) on things I actually want to pursue in my career. It’s nice taking all English classes, rather than 2 years of basic study. For English you normally take about 2-3 classes a semester. So, the good news is no more 5-6 classes to meet your requirements and overload yourself. That being said, 2-3 classes in graduate school is pretty much 5-6 in undergraduate. So time management is still present (along with procrastination, of course).

Finals week for me always consisted of tons of coffee, no sleep, and cramming as much information in my head as possible until I couldn’t hold anything else. Now, however, I’ve vowed to not give up my mental health and physical health just for a grade (and in grad school, to keep funding, you need a B or higher. Anything below and its a NO GO). So talk about pressure. I do occasionally find myself drinking redbull (sometimes with vodka because college) and up at 3 a.m., because I did all these relaxation tips throughout the day, but still okay right?

Here are five things I LOVE to do to relax and take a well needed break:

  • Switch Up What You’re Studying.

This may not be a “break,” but it’s definitely a break from the stuff you’ve been cramming in your head for 3 straight hours. If you’re an English graduate student like me, I always like to switch up the subject I’m studying for (subject within English, of course). So if you’re studying for Grammar, try moving to a paper you have to write and do some research. This will ease your brain a bit, so you don’t get overwhelmed and it turns to mush… It can happen! If you’re undergraduate, change subjects completely!!! Studying math? Switch to Engligh or Science! Relax your brain and cram knowledge into a different part of it. Another good idea is to switch study METHODS. Studying for one class with flash cards? Study for the next with a practice quiz you make up or reading through your textbook.

  • Watch An Episode Of Your Fav Show On Netflix.

Honestly, Netflix or any show streaming app is everyones fav way to relax. It can actually help productivity too! Your mental health and physical health will appreciate the 30min TV show break. You could grab a snack (that isn’t an iced coffee… We’ve all been there) and cozy up in your comfy bed. After you finish watching your fav show (for me, I turn on Vampire Diaries, because duh), you’ll be refreshed and ready to dive back in. Been cramming for hours on end? Watch two episodes! I promise the studying will still be there when you return.

  • Take A Bath Or Hot Shower.

Okay, let’s face it; baths and showers fix anything and can literally revive you from the deepest stress. Crank that water up to skin melting temp and forget the books. If you’re a bath person (you should be; they are amazing), try throwing bath salts in there to relax your muscles. Dr. Teal’s is the best in my opinion. They make bath salts for every problem you can possibly think of. If you’re a shower type of person, try playing some music and letting the steam build up from the hot water. It’s like a sauna, but in your own house. The hot air will refresh your body. You’ll feel like new and ready to start looking at your work again.

  • Go For A Walk Or A Run.

It’s no secret that exercise helps with stress. Walking or running is a perfect way to blow off the steam from 3 hours of writing an essay that you think you can’t possibly say anymore about. You’ll clear your head, and who knows, maybe think of an idea you haven’t added yet. The fresh air will also help your body to feel better after studying on the couch or your bed for hours on end. Let’s not forget about all the help the sun gives our body. I absolutely hate being stuck in the house for hours. That alone makes me anxious. So, being in the house combined with studying for hours is a mega NO. If you have a dog, or a pet you take on walks (for us, it’s our ferret haha!), take them with you! It’ll occupy your mind in the best way possible.

  • Taking A Well Deserved Nap.

That’s right. A NAP. The best thing for your body to do when overwhelmed, exhausted, or stressed is to sleep. As much as I’d like to say you could nap without setting an alarm; you might want to limit this power nap to 20-30 minutes. That’s just long enough to revitalize your body and give you strength to power through your studying. If you have the time to nap with no alarm, honestly I envy you and you should take advantage of that beautiful thing!!!!


I hope this helps everyone! Whether you are undergraduate, graduate, or not even a student, these are some of my favorite ways to relax during everyday life to take a break from how stressful things can get.

Get luck and I’m praying As for everyone!!! ❤



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