Our Upcoming NYC Trip.

Happiest of Mondays babies and goodmoring!

As you can see from the title, New York State of Mind is getting a sequel!!! (Have you read it?) Go now and come back!

I got home Thursday night to the best surprise in the entire world from my fiancé. Our anniversary is December 22nd and we will be spending it in NEW YORK CITY! It doesn’t even feel real.

If you know me, you know New York is my favorite place on Earth. I guess my fiancé knows that too, because WOW. What a freaking surprise. I mean, come on, the header of my website is New York City.

I’m going to get to live my dream of being a real life Buddy the Elf (minus the gum eating). NYC is going to be a beautiful winter wonderland.

Austin has never been, so that makes this more exciting and magical. I’ve never been during Christmas time (nor have I seen real snow yikes)! Let’s just say I will be doing a lot of research on “NYC in the snow 101” between now and then.

Oh my god, you guys, we’ll get to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree!!! Wowowowow. My little heart. We’ll also get to go ice skating. And did I mention I’ll get to teach Austin how to use the subway? Haha!

We spent all weekend is Baton Rouge with family and went to the LSU game. Now we are back home and I’m in full planning mode. I’m so excited. It’s Thanksgiving break, so I get to relax thank goodness. I’ll be stuyding and putting the last minute touches on the semester.

Talk soon. ❤


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