Quitting My Part-Time Job to Pursue Freelancing.

Goodmorning WordPress.

I would like to point out first that the cafe I’m in is playing Love Like Woe by The Ready Set and I love it. I’m currently drinking coffee and eating tofu scramble– patiently waiting on class to start. I drove to GSU from Warner Robins this morning so typical Tuesday. I’ve spent the last two weeks just playing house with Austin it’s been so nice.

So, in relation to how important dreams are– I recently made the decision (with the love and support and help from my fiance) to pursue my career as a freelancer full-time, while in school and being a writing consultant at GSU. This was unbelievably hard even though writing is my passion. Mostly due to the fact I really have to put myself out there now in order to get clients and steady work. My big ole first step was CREATING AN ONLINE PORTFOLIO WEBSITE!!!! AHHHH!!!! click right here!! I was able to create a domain using my name and I’m in progress of getting it all nice and pretty– but definitely take a peak at the rough version right now ❤

I’m so so proud and excited. There is officially an emileecalametti.com haha how freaking cool. The biggest piece of advise I have this morning that I’m still learning myself is that dreams are so important. Always make sure every decision you make is getting you one step closer to the thing you love doing. Even if it’s sper scary to take leaps and risks. Don’t they always say fear is the one thing holding you back from living fully? I think so to be honest. Always invest in yourself.

Hope this was helpful. Maybe you needed a reminder or a push. This is definitely it.

xx em. ❤


p.s. make sure to check out all the cute new features on my blog. You can now enter your email to receive updates, translate to any language and search through all my posts at once 🙂

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