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Publishing My First Article.

Happy Sunday! Anyone else enjoying Football and good food? Because same.


I honestly just sat there and cried. I’m still in shock! They look so surreal.

If you follow all my social media accounts, you’ll know that a few weeks ago my FIRST article got published in DIG Magazine!! It’s the weirdest thing seeing something I wrote in a magazine that everyone will get to read. Seeing my name in print like that is a whole new feeling of accomplishment. Seeing how happy Starsky Clark was to be featured in the magazine was an absolute joy. It’s awesome to see my writing giving other people a good feeling the way it gives me one too. I never thought I’d get to publish something so soon. If you haven’t picked up a copy of the September issue, definitely grab one. I’ll keep updates on October.

Apart from graduation updates and publishing my first article, I also submitted my first PhD application Friday. WHICH WAS MEGA WEIRD!!!! Casually just applying to a school in New York was strange. Honestly, the absolute dream. I have many more schools to apply to, but having one knocked out feels so refreshing. Makes it all feel real, to be honest. I’ve got a ton of prepping to do for my huge applications, like NYU, but I’m getting the smaller ones knocked out one by one.

Life is just coming more and more together as the months pass. It’s so breathtaking.

OMG, speaking of breathtaking????? Did I mention that I am going to CHICAGO IN TWO WEEKS?!?!?!?!?!?!? I’M. SO. EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to look at tons of grad schools, and you guys know I’m gonna take tons of pictures and do a whole blog post on it! I honestly can’t wait. It’s going to be so beautiful! A little vacay during this eventful semester.

There’s so much I wanna share, but so much time until I can! Guess you’ll have to stick around.


xoxo. ❤

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