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My First Article is Coming Out.

I haven’t written since the NYC blog, because honestly how do I even begin to top that? If you haven’t read it, definitely check it out. I’ve been consumed with magazine deadlines, graduate school applications, and working three jobs. So many exciting things are happening though, it’s pretty awesome.

Last week was my last first day of undergrad ever…. weird. I can’t even describe how weird that is. The Graduation Anxiety blog feels like it was written forever ago, and talk about mega anxiety now that the end date is more visible then ever!!

I took my GRE and that went well. I think? Honestly, it’s over so I’m considering that a win lol. I’ve got all my schools picked out for my graduate applications. I’ll be having multiple things published over the next few months. I’m honestly exhausted, but loving every minute of it. OOO! I also saw Taking Back Sunday with my bestie at the beginning of August…. The emo kid in me is SCREAMING! It was amazing. So much love.

Keep an eye out for the September DIG issue this weekend, because ya girl has her first article being published!!! ! ! !!! AHHHH!!!!!! Life. Is. So. Good. I can’t even describe how perfect everything is.

I think many of us are graduating this December. Weird, isn’t it? A part of me still thinks it’s a joke… Like, really? Graduating college? OKAY ha. But then I’m like, whoa I’m really doing this, huh? Strange. I’m only taking two on campus classes this semester so that’s a big change from the usual 6. Two online classes, and I’ve already finished one of them. Still working three jobs. And trying to find time to fit my social life into the mix of things.

I guess I’ll post pictures of everything that’s been going on with my life since NYC because it’s been so long since I’ve written on here!

This blog is short & sweet, but I felt it was necessary. As crazy as life gets, my blog is my favorite escape. It’s turned into so much since January, growing everyday and I can’t thank everyone enough for that. Life is going to get mega crazy and interesting over the next few months, and I’ll be bringing all of you along with me.

xoxo. ❤

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