I Got An Editorial Internship!

HEY HI HELLO!!!! Happy Wednesday, babies. ❤

If you haven’t seen my most recent post on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat (yes… pretty much everywhere) then I will tell you the amazing news right here on my page! I have been hired as the new Editorial Intern for DIG Magazine here in Baton Rouge!! ❤

How AWESOME?!?!?! I’ve been working on getting an internship with a magazine for a few months now, but have only really told my family and close friends. Now that I’ve been hired on I can share it with all of you guys 🙂

I’m super excited honestly. You know how something happens and you can just feel that so much good is gonna come from it? That’s how this feels. It all just feels like a dream I love it. Today was my first day too!!! It was so amazing. I worked on the calendar that goes inside of the magazine and pitched ideas for people who could potentially be featured in our sections. I love seeing how all of it comes together. That’s truly what I love the most. Writing is so close to my heart and all of this just means so much to me.

Apart from my amazing new internship, my blog is about to turn 7 months old in a week!! ❤ This blog brings me so much happiness. I hope it does the same for all of you guys. I remember my first ever blog post “I Was Feeling Epic” and my little website has grown so much since then. Between the 300+ people who view it to all the different places around the world. It all just means so much.

~ Enough of the big stuff! Let’s talk little stuff in life. So, I started watching that show Riverdale??? Obviously I’m a little late to the game because EVERYONE has already seen it but I’m OBSESSED. I sooo recommend and I’m convinced I’m gonna marry a man like Cole Sprouse. Can’t you guys see that too?! An artsy man who I can do photo shoots with and talk about 19th century literature. Wow, the dream hahaha!

Does anyone remember my “GRE Procrastination” blog? Well, it’s still relevant.. I’m struggling to stay focused with this test it’s becoming an issue!!!! I guess because it still feels so surreal that PhD applications are quickly approaching. But hey, NYC felt surreal too and I leave for that in TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!! Feels like I just announced it on my blog yesterday!!!! I am so excited to start planning that blog ASAP when the trip is about a week away. I have so much in store.

I’m thinking about maybe giving the site a new look within the next few days?? Maybe making some changes. Not to the name, but maybe to the layout. I haven’t decided yet. I’ll post it for sure when it happens. Also, if you view my blog from a phone (which I’m sure all of you do) there’s a follow button at the bottom of the page! Which lets you receive notifications when I post or make changes 🙂

But, I officially work 3 jobs now and that makes me certifiably insane, but oh well. I’m happy. Dying of exhaustion. But happy haha.

xoxo ❤

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