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Let’s Get Personal: A Look At My Tattoos.

I did a poll on Instagram about whether people would be interested in a whole blog posting dedicated to all of my tattoos and obviously the people have spoken! Haha! So let’s jump right in and learn some stuff.

I got my first tattoo at 17 and have just been kind of going crazy ever since I guess. They’re all pretty much the same theme unless it’s a quote. All of my art work that means anything to me was done by @suzsutattoo. She’s my absolute heart and if you ever find yourself in Mobile, Alabama, she’s your girl.


  1. First Tattoo…. this cute little wolf
    • So I got this wolf off of tumblr when I was like 17… and let’s just say it seems about right for an underaged first tattoo lol. There’s not much to say about this one. It has no meaning, but made me feel super cool getting a tattoo in high school hahaha. I think I’ll eventually get it covered up to fit better with the tattoos around it.
  2. My Ghost (Who Originally Only Had The One Bat..)
    • I got my ghost at the same time I got my matching black widow with my mom… I went to the tattoo place twice on Friday the 13th… not shocking. I got the ghost partly because of the band Ghost Town and also it’s just so god damn cute ya know?


  1. Little Moon Phases
    • Most people don’t know this, but when I started college at LSU I was a Physics major with a concentration in Astronomy and Astrophysics…. yeh, obviously that didn’t work out…. Hahaha, I was so awful at college calc that I legit just had to switch majors. I got my moon phases when I decided I wanted to work for NASA and pursue Astrophysics at LSU. I love this tattoo, because it’s a constant reminder of how different my career goals were and most importantly how different my life was at 18.


  1. Black Widow
    • I got this tattoo in two parts. The first part was the spider, and I went back a few months later and had the web added to it. This is probably my most important tattoo I have, because my mom and I went to the tattoo place on Friday the 13th (after a hell of a lot of convincing) and we got matching black widows on our feet together. My mom is my best friend so looking at this always makes me smile and I love telling people about it. I got the web added because it just looks cool…. and I wanted to have my foot more covered.
  2. “Wicked”
    • So I got this on my 20th birthday when I visited my family in Alabama. I got it 1) because it just looks sick on my foot & 2) the band Ghost Town has a song called “Monster” and it references “a place for the Wicked to go; with a mindset that nobody knows” and for some reason I love those lyrics so much and it really wanted to have the word “Wicked” on my foot. I have many tattoos inspired by that band actually. Three in total.
    • Here’s the link to the song if you wanna hear it!! Click Here!


  1. My Grave Stone
    • The back story behind this tattoo is probably the funniest, because I dated this dude who didn’t want me getting more tattoos (which cmon wtf?) and one day he pissed me off so I went and got this little grave stone without telling him or anyone else and I posted it on insta as my way of showing it off hahahahaha, it was awesome.
  2. The Colony of Bats
    • After a few months of having the ghost with one bat, I was like “hmmmm wouldn’t it be so funny if I got a huge colony of bats the same way most girls have those flying bird tattoos?” because I’m just me and thought it’d be so funny so I got it and added a little moon in the middle of them so they’d be flying around it. The healing process of this tattoo was INSANE and honestly sick because the skin on the front of my leg was soooooo thin and sensitive that my whole ankle and calf swelled up like I was allergic to something and it got weeeeiiiirrrdddd and eventually went down, but it was so gross in the process.



  1. Sugar Skull Gypsy
    • So apart from the slight red coloring on my Black Widow, this beauty is my only colored tattoo and I got it right when I turned 18. I kind of wish she was black and white to match all my others, but the colors to make her so beautiful. She took three session and like 13ish hours total? It was crazy. She doesn’t really have a meaning, but I just went to Suzette and was like “I want a lady tattoo.. but kinda like a zombie lady? But a gypsy too because I love magic” and she ran with it and created her. No picture, just ideas between the both of us. It’s definitely one of my favorites.


  1. “Creepy”
    • This one is my other one inspired by Ghost Town and it’s from their song called “You’re So Creepy” which you can listen to HERE. Guess I’m gonna listen to it while I finish this blog, but anyways. I always thought it was super cute when I’d see any Suicide Girl with tattoos on the back of their thigh of like words or bows or something so I thought getting “Creepy” would fit me the best plus I think the song is awesome and kinda reminds me of myself hahahaha


  1. Quote by Plato
    • This is 1 of 2 quotes I have. It reads, “Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.” Honestly how damn beautiful is that? I love it so much. I got it right before I moved to Louisiana December of 2014 to start LSU in the Spring of 2015. It kind of describes why I wanted to study the sky and the universe and pretty much explains how it makes me feel. It’s just inspiring.


  1. Fortune Teller Hands
    1. I can’t even begin to describe how in love I am with this tattoo. It’s soooooooo beautiful. Deff one of my favorites. It originally was gonna be a tattoo on the back of my calf, but once I showed up Suzette was like I have some suggestions and then a few hours later I had it on my arm super big hahahaha, it was awesome. I’ve always been super in love with things like that so this tattoo kinda just represents that.


  1. Shoulder Cap
    • Honestly, this tattoos has no meaning other then it’s the last tattoo I got before I moved to Louisiana right after my Plato quote. I just thought it was pretty when she drew it up. It was, however, the very first tatoo I got that was on my arm area.


  1. “Looking For Alaska” Quote
    • If you reallllyyyyyyy know me, like the real me, you know my all time favorite author is John Green and my all time favorite novel is Looking For Alaska. There will never be a book I love more (which is crazy because Bram Stoker’s Dracula is tough to beat in my little Victorian heart). Funny story, when I went to get this tattooed I wrote it all out and triple checked it and once it was finished I pulled the book out to admire the quote… and I had spelled “irreparably” wrong when I wrote it down… I put an E and not an A hahahahaha my luck so I took off the bandage and we fixed the letter as much as possible. It was hilarious and it hurt sooooo bad tattooing an already tattooed spot.
    • The quote reads, “We need never be hopeless, because we can never be irreparably broken.” God, that just speaks VOLUMES. I feel like we collectively always let things tear us down and make us feel broken inside and utterly hopeless, but the truth is we are NEVER completely broken beyond repair. That’s exactly what that quote means. There’s absolutely no reason to feel hopeless because we can always be fixed; we are never unrepairable.
  2. “Always”
    • Most people know I got this tattoo with my ex-boyfriend, but if you don’t here ya go. We were coming out of a really low point in our relationship and thought the word “Always” would be fitting. I believe all tattoos tell a story about the time in your life that you chose to get it so I don’t think I’d ever cover it up, because it was a huge chunk of my life ya know? The tattoo may not have the same meaning now, but I think it was only meant to have meaning for the two years we were together, which isn’t something to forget.


  1. I See Stars “Treehouse” Logo
    • I See Stars is hands down my all time favorite band in the entire world I don’t think a band will ever or has ever meant so much to me. Their album “Treehouse” dropped at a really significant point in my life and their lyrics speak volumes to me. Any mood I could possibly be in can be fixed or heightened with one of their songs. I 10/10 recommend checking them out. Also, I got the logo because of their significance and ended up having a conversation with the dreamy lead singer Devin Oliver about my tattoo which was the highlight of my existence.


well there it is! ❤

xoxo ❤

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