Booking My First Trip to NYC.

So, if you know me you know I’ve always dreamed of being in New York City. I want to do graduate school there and basically live the rest of my life there. It’s the only place I see myself being when I picture my future. Is that weird? To be in love with a place you’ve never even been to??

Well….. It has finally happened. I BOOKED MY TRIP TO NEW YORK TODAY!!!!!!

It doesn’t even feel real when I type it. I’m going with Michaela and we bought our plane tickets and hotel room today!!! WE WILL BE IN NEW YORK FOR FIVE WHOLE DAYS!!!!!!!!!

All I’ve done the whole day is cry because this is honestly what it feels like for dreams to come true. 130-ish days and we will be on an airplane going to the big ole apple!!! ❤ It doesn’t get any better than that. We will deff be cheesy and wear “I ❤ NY” tshirts because… did we even go to NY if we don’t wear those at least once??

Our hotel is literally in the middle of Time Square…. with an AMAZING view. I want to cry just thinking about it. Here’s some pictures to get you as happy as I am!!


This is such a dream come true and I can believe it’s finally happening. Michaela and I will be living it up in just a few months. ❤ !!!!!! ❤

I can’t wait to visit NYU and Columbia (my dream schools) and see the Statue of Liberty, Broadway, and OF COURSE TAKE TONS OF PHOTOS!!!!!!! I even want to do a vlog the whole time we are there to post for you guys on here!!! ❤

I told Michaela when we are driving to our hotel we have to have “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z & Alicia Keys playing…. because it wouldn’t be a New York adventure without it. It’s honestly the trips anthem.

I can’t wait to go on this adventure and share my whole experience. I know it’s going to be everything I want it to me and so much more.

xoxo ❤

2 thoughts on “Booking My First Trip to NYC.

  1. I:m very proud of you .i know that you will go above your dreams in life . And always remember that i saw you first and took you fishing twice . love always

    1. I love you bunches and bunches but I saw YOU first!!! ❤️ was gonna call you guys tomorrow and tell you all about it! ❤️ thank you so much for the constant support. I’d be nowhere without it.

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