How It Feels to be Graduating.


Undergrad didn’t feel like it had an end date until yesterday when I put on my cap and gown.

I did it. I made it to 2018. I’m almost an LSU Alumni.


It really feels like yesterday was December 2014 and I made the decision to pack all my stuff and move from Alabama to come to LSU. It’s surreal isn’t it? The thought of being a “college graduate”.

So far we all have been out of high school for 4 years this May. How crazy is that? I constantly catch myself thinking about what I’ve accomplished since walking across the stage in May of 2014.

It’s so easy to get caught up in criticizing yourself over everything you’ve done/ haven’t done since graduating. We all feel like at 22-23 years old we should have it figured out. They don’t bother telling you that there’s absolutely no way you’ll have stuff figured out right now. You feel like you aren’t doing enough, but in reality you’re doing the most you can.


All of these thoughts ran through my head the moment I had my cap and gown on.

I was happy. I was sad. I felt so many things from one little outfit.

Growing up can be super scary sometimes, but to be honest, what isn’t scary? Next steps are always the scariest, because you don’t know what comes next.

College is hard, and the thought of it ending is bittersweet but also nerve racking. You’ve spent 4+ years working towards something that finally has a visible end date. After high school it’s easy to pick your next step. Some choose college, some choose working, and some choose IT schools. Hell, some people just chill because school is so exhausting.

Things get scary, but you can’t let that cloud your dreams. The only thing stopping you is yourself.

If you wanna go across the country, do it. If you wanna buy a house, do it. If you wanna dye your hair a weird color or shave all your hair off, DO IT.

Life is so short to stress over what comes next, or five years from now, or even a week from now.

This is what college has taught me. This is what getting close to graduation has taught me. This is what growing up has taught me.

I’ve created a home at LSU and I never cherished that more until I wore the purple and gold gown. Be proud of ANYTHING you accomplish. No matter how small. Think of everything as an achievement.

December can’t come fast enough.


xoxo ❤

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